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EX Vehicle Management

EX Vehicle Management

Business Center North is responsible for the acquisition and  maintenance of EX license plates. Additionally,  BCN disposes of all mobile property. 

NSHE Vehicle Insurance will be added to your departmental vehicle when plates are received.

Upon acquiring a vehicle as a result of a purchase order or other means the Purchasing Department will initiate the process of obtaining EX Vehicle License Plates and insurance.

To obtain:

Registration, title, and plates the cost is $36.25. ($29.25 title fee, $7.00 registration fee)

Title only the cost is $29.25. It is important to note that when a brand new vehicle is purchased from a dealer, the dealer will send a "Dealer's Report of Sale" (we usually see this as a green slip included in the paperwork) to DMV along with the $29.25 title fee. Because of this, it is not necessary for us to pay the $29.25.

Title change when a leased vehicle has been paid off and is now being registered and titled in our name, the cost is $29.25. (The registration will automatically be changed in the DMV records, to reflect the new ownership.)

When an out of state vehicle has been sold to us, we must obtain a VIN inspection (DMV form "Vehicle Inspection Certificate") which can be done by UNR Police or at DMV, and then register the vehicle as shown above. Also when we purchase a new vehicle from out of state, we will need an "MSO" or "Manufacturer's Statement of Origin" and a VIN inspection. 

When registering a vehicle which has been donated or sold to us from the US Government, instead of giving us a title on the vehicle, the Government will fill out a "US Government Certificate to Obtain Title" (it's a white form with a blue border) and it is extremely important that the Certificate is not altered (whether by white out or erasure) in any way, otherwise this Certificate will be deemed void. The registration and titling is the same as above.

If we do not have a title in file, it is possible to sell a vehicle with a "Request for Duplicate Title" form and a "Bill of Sale." We must, however, verify through DMV that this particular vehicle was previously registered to us in the State of Nevada. You can obtain the verification printout at DMV.